Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Holy Mountain

work in progress through to finished poster, for this:
This is a Ltd Edition Giclee print inspired by the psychedelic film Holy Mountain, created to raise money for my wonderful friend Sara Baker, who used to run our galley/coffee shop before we had this lovely space.

She had an awful accident out in Whistler Canada a month ago snowboarding. Sara fell off a 20ft cliff breaking her back on impact. She not only fractured many bones but also crushed vertebrae. After being airlifted to Vancouver and having spinal surgery, Sara realised that she was missing medical insurance! She is exceedingly lucky to be alive and the most important thing is that is she is recovering well from her surgery and will walk again. Without medical insurance in Canada she will be left with a bill of over 50k!! So by buying this print you’re helping to chip away the bill and most importantly, bring her home!All proceeds going to the “Breaking Beaker” fund!

Print only £20
Framed Print £38

Available from me at the framers/studio4 gallery or drop me a line log_uk@yahoo.com