Monday, 4 October 2010

Fame Festival, Grottaglia

Tagged along to Fame festival with the Beat13 crew, this is the third year Lucy has been involved and she done us proud! The Festival and town are absolutely amazing and i cannot recommend it enough if you fancy an arty farty bit of sunshine fun times. Great weather, some of the loveliest people I've met and the food was so good I doubled in size in one week, lent a hand grabbing a hammer and putting some wonky nails in the wall too so earned my keep! The town itself was beautiful let alone all the cheeky interventions and house sized doodles dotted about the place. As usual I took way too many photos, these are just a selection from the old hipstermatic nonsense, got a few rolls of film to develop too which I'll one day get round to scanning and posting on here.
check it out here FAME
Met some of the loveliest people ever from all corners of the globe, here's a bunch of links to all there skills;
kristofoletti (check out the amazing mural he's just done on the Hadron super collider!)
and should probably include this beauty made at an abandoned monastery on the edge of the town for last years Fame fest, genius;
And here's a review of all the shenanigans by another nice lady we met.