Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Coke/Olympics 2012

2012 London Olympics / Coca Cola : Custom Board Presentation from Simon Peplow on Vimeo.

These are Dan Magee's pics and sweet video of what i done for Cola and the Olympics. The brief was set by a company called Egg Strategy from the States. Via Dan, Myself, Vaughan Baker, Si Peplow and Arran Gregory where selected to hand customise 23 decks in 24 hours for the Coca Cola and Olympics 2012 Activation board. Day one we where pampered at the snazzy Mother marketing agency in trendy East London, doodling away through thunder storms till very late! Day 2 a slightly jaded presentation at Cokes head office in Hammersmith, but a steady flow of free pop soon got us buzzing and twitching into action.