Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Check it out, Spine Skate Shop & Gallery present 'Flyin' The Flannel' an exhibition of some new scribbles and tings by yours truly.

"My work is increasingly becoming about reminiscing, of late my subject matter has been my Grandad and other elderly relatives, as well as the established imagined, distorted lonely old souls I've been scribbling for a while. I prefer to use pen and ink using found materials to work on, the pen is from the pen Museum in the Jewelry Quarter and the fabric from the rag market, as a kind of assimilation/nod of respect to my adopted Birmingham heritage.

The wood, fabric etc I use are also important, they are metaphors for my childhood, the woodshed on the farm where I grew up, or the chintz of my grandparents house in suburban London.

I also obsessively photograph places I visit, trying to capture my experience through images, building my own personal collection of memories, a visual diary of parts of the world I've been lucky enough to explore.

Having grown up in and around Worcester the exhibition itself is a sort of homecoming, the title is to do with the time I was at college in Worcester, and how skateboarding and it's surrounding culture have influenced me to this day.

'Flyin' the flanne'l brings together a collection of these ideas, images and objects to create a visual museum of my interpretation of some dusty old memories."